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We’re currently tinkering away behind the scenes to bring you an awesome, easy peasy lemon squeezy content creation service. Just give us a little time – we’re a bit naked right now but soon we’ll be ready for you to browse.

In the meantime, if you’re in need of some help creating content for your business, just click the link above to send us a message.

Introductory Offer

save £10 on blog posts until the end of October!

600-900 word blog post

Yoast compatible & SEO proofed

Rough & final drafts provided


Expires 31/10/2018

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Freelance Copywriting Services for Creatives

Fed up with blogging? Want more free time to spend with your family? I get it. As a small business owner you’re a busy person. You didn’t get into this game to work your ass off 24/7 and have no work/life balance, right?

Writing good copy is essential to your business, but it can be a total time vampire. I can help you there. Together, we’ll get this nailed.

Bits ‘n’ Blogs

SEO Tips: 6 rules to get to the good place

via GIPHY Don’t Fall For It – SEO is not a trap “How can I start ranking for locations without making my home page look a mess?” The question came in a Facebook group. The answers that poured forth ranged from lots of intensive work to, frankly, nonsense. Thinks like...

Why it’s OK to be a work in progress

I don't want to be a self-help style guru here at all (get the sick bucket, please), but I think I've just learnt a massive business lesson that's worth sharing. My other business is a photography business, and through that I discovered a love of writing, and other...

Your Brand Needs a Voice

I'm smashing a bottle of fizz against the BearFaced Content boat today with my first ever post. Hop aboard, we're going to talk all about your brand voice (with a little help from Parks and Recreation). I can practically hear your eyes rolling at this suggestion, but...

Make your content a priority.

I certainly will.